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The United States Attorney General only prosecutes the most serious cases.  These require an experienced Federal Defense Attorney, like Gregory A. Ousley who  has a thorough understanding of the federal law and court procedures. Gregory A. Ousley provides criminal defense representation throughout Kentucky:  I have represented many clients on various federal charges, including manufacturing, possession with intent to distribute drugs, conspiracy, and other federal criminal charges and consequently we are well versed in how to combat these charges or, in the alternate, how to mitigate any damage brought about by the allegations. 

I know exactly how to help our clients to get the best possible result.  We believe in attacking our cases at the earliest possible point so as to preserve evidence that could exonerate our clients, at a minimum will allow us to have our client as the first line should cooperation be an acceptable way to reduce a sentence. 

I  know what is necessary to effectively represent our clients in a Federal Courthouse.  A Federal criminal allegation is as serious as it gets.  You need a serious federal criminal lawyer.

If your charged with a Federal Crime let us help you today:

Federal Drug Charges

Federal Child Pornography

Federal White Collar Crime

Federal Violent Crimes including murder 

Federal Wire/Mail Fraud


If you or someone you care about is facing criminal charges or allegations, your top priority should be to hire an experienced and capable criminal defense attorney.  The firm who represents you should be deeply familiar with the law and the defenses available for you specific charge.

The attorney's at Gregory A. Ousley, Attorney at Law have 38 years of experience between them.   Both attorney's are former Prosecutors giving them first hand knowledge of how the prosecution constructs a case against a defendant.  

Their backgrounds allow them to advance forceful arguments in support of their clients as they work to resolve their charges in an efficient and stress-free manner.   

If you or someone you care about is charged with a crime let us help you today:



Drug Crimes

Sex Offenses

Domestic Violence

Theft Charges

and many other charges

DO NOT TALK TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS OR ALLOW THEM TO SEARCH!  Exercise your sixth amendment right to counsel and demand to speak to your lawyer.

Contact Gregory A. Ousley, Attorney at Law at (606) 677-1823


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Gregory A. Ousley, Attorney

Carrie D. Wiese, Associate Attorney

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