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Carrie D. Wiese

Associate Attorney

Ms. Wiese is highly experienced with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry for over 17 years in both private and public matters.  Former Asst Public Defender for the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy (DPA), former Asst Pulaski County Attorney, and former Regional Attorney for the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS). 

Most recent history includes over a decade of extensive involvement in all Corporate matters, specifically as General Counsel to a multi-million dollar municipal corporation. Skilled in legal matters involving all levels of the corporate ladder, including employees and Public Officials.  

She has a vast background in state/local legislative drafting and implementation; local, state and federal contracts and funding; administrative proceedings at all levels of government; emergency services; and utilities.

Highly experienced in contracts, real estate, and general business matters and she is well versed in defamation of character, including internet and social media claims. 

Available for general PR and image control consulting, as well as political advisement. Bonus - extensive experience in legal matters involving the Natural Gas Industry. Served as in-house counsel for corporate owned 140+ miles of gathering, distribution, and transmission pipelines throughout Eastern and South Central Kentucky, as well as interstate connects with national pipelines. 

Strong legal professional overall, graduated from University of Kentucky College of Law.

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Carrie D. Wiese, Associate Attorney

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