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Civil and general litigation are all matters related to the court that are noncriminal.  Although it can include going to trial, many civil disputes  are handled outside of the courtroom, especially when you have an experienced civil attorney from Gregory A. Ousley, Attorney at Law on your side.  If a civil case does go to court, it is especially helpful to have legal aid prior to trial to ensure all pretrial procedures are adhered to properly. 


Criminal Law is not an area you want to fight alone.  Trusting Gregory A. Ousley, Attorney at Law criminal defense lawyers means you have many years of experience on your side.  It is our specialty to uphold the law and fight for justice.  Many judges and juries do not take seriously those who represent themselves against a criminal charge.  By working with Gregory A. Ousley, Attorney at Law, you are guaranteed to have a professional criminal defense attorney on your side in the courtroom, guiding you through all procedures and ensuring all paperwork is correctly filed for proper proceedings.  


The word "accident" implies that it couldn't be helped.  But when a car accident results in permanent, life- altering injures, we use experts to determine the long-term financial needs of the victim and its family.  In a fatal car accident or other deadly incident, we work with surviving family members to recover wrongful death damages.

No Upfront Fees on Personal Injury Cases - We work on a contingency basis and don't charge any fees or costs until we win your case!


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